About Us



Your dream, our passion.

And now, at last, the long awaited moment has come.


As all the plans for the wedding wrap up, the bride obviously feels excited and can scarcely keep a grip on her emotions: the love she shares with her fiancé has finally blossomed into something pure and special,

and it is time to show it to the World.


The groom, who is naturally early for the ceremony, is waiting for his bride at the altar.

As the guests take their seats, he realizes that he can’t get a hold of his emotions.

It is beautiful and overwhelming for him to see all of his (and her) loved ones at once: meanwhile, the soft and romantic music fills the air

with a sense of expectation, while everyone is waiting for the bride – the Queen of the day.


As she is finally stepping towards the altar, I can see it in her eyes:

she is literally walking in her dreams and everything, from the decorations to the location, is a perfect manifestation of her vision.

Every step down the aisle is a step into a new and exciting life:

her heart is filled with joy and I know that she would love to stop for just one second the time-flying, because everything is too perfect, too magnificent, too emotional.


And lastly, there they are, hand-in-hand, stealing glances at each other:

that tender “I do” they whisper not only will change their lives, but also represents a sweet promise for a future of true values – a knot that cannot be untied.


Still today, taking part in your fulfillment of a lifelong dream is more than a job: indeed, it is a pleasure and an honor.




Each wedding is different.

Therefore, my team and I love to reinvent ourselves every single day,

in order to create a diverse and original experience for you and your loved one.


We are the designers of True Love: we tailor your wedding as a breathtaking dress – one that suits your dreams perfectly!

Starting from your chosen theme and colors, we give you all the advice and inspiration needed, in order to make your vision a reality:

we help you develop it and we create your own detailed design and visual storyboard.

Whether you have a specific plan for you wedding or you are just waiting for your epiphany, our team is ready to take the lead by showing you

what we can do for you.


It is important for us to underline that all the decorations and settings of your Big Day are going to be 100% tailored on your exclusive vision, because YOUR WEDDING IS YOURS, and yours only.


We believe that every wedding is a different and unique fairy tale of love, and we are eager to be the original and creative storytellers of

your incredible story, too.

01. A winning Background

We organize weddings all over Italy since 2012.

Our weddings stand out from the others because of their incredible design and flawless logistics.

We are fluent in English and Italian, plus we have a successful collaboration with a Russian wedding planner.

02. The Love for our Job

A real 'pro' is someone who can deal with these three things:
rainy days, lost bags and unexpected Wedding Day disasters.

Long story short, our team has always the 'ace in the hole':
we are always prepared for the Unexpected and have solutions for all your needs.

03. Our high-rated Reviews

Our high-rated reviews are the best example of our hard-work: we are incredibly proud of what we do and - believe us - we love to make our clients' dreams & visions come to life.
Read our reviews: our approach to each wedding is a perfect combination of enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity.

04. That top-notch Quality...

To us, each wedding has to be designed as a tailored and high-fashion dress.

From the ceremony, to the place cards; from the invitations to the final party: it has to go with everything while keeping up with the couple’s style and personality.


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