Catholic Ceremony

Roman Catholic ceremonies are religious ceremonies that are celebrated with hymns, psalms, readings, and blessings during a Catholic Mass. Roman Catholic Ceremonies are mainly for baptised and confirmed Catholic couples who have followed the marriage preparations of pre-Cana and have decided to marry in the presence of two witnesses and before a properly authorized church minister.

However, the Catholic Church recognizes other marriages, too: unions between two baptized Protestants and two baptized Orthodox Christians are considered sacramental, whereas unions between two non-Christians are considered non-sacramental.

In addition, a sacramental marriage between a baptized non-Catholic Christian and Catholic Christian is subject to the "permission to enter into a mixed marriage" by the diocesan bishop, whereas a non-sacramental marriage between a Catholic Christian and a non-Christian requires that the Catholic Christian in the couple seeks the "dispensation from disparity of cult" by his/her bishop.

Catholic marriages are considered unbreakable divine institutions, even if the partners are legally divorced: as long as they are both alive, the Church considers them bound together by God, and only in case of annulment, it is possible to remarry within the Catholic Church.


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