Jewish Ceremony

Jewish ceremonies are religious ceremonies that can be celebrated with Orthodox or Reformed rite by a Rabbi, teacher of the Torah, in a synagogue or elsewhere in the peninsula.

Italy’s main synagogues are found in Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste and exclusively allow Orthodox ceremonies, thus requiring the permission from the couple’s Rabbi, who will then prepare the religious documentation to present to the Italian one.

The couple’s Rabbi can also travel to Italy to perform the wedding: in this case, a civil ceremony must be celebrated in Italy or in the couple’s country of origin before the Jewish destination wedding.

Jewish ceremonies can be personalised when celebrated with a Reformed rite: a Progressive/Reform Rabbi can indeed conduct a modern Jewish or Jewish Interfaith wedding in an historic castle or on a beautiful garden terrace in Italy.

What’s more? Giada Marcuzzi Weddings can provide a kosher or ‘kosher-friendly’ reception under request!


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