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Open bars have become a staple at wedding receptions, but they can often be stressful and expensive, especially if you do not know much about the protocol and cost of serving liquor to a large group.

But, hey, no worries: that is why you are hiring us! Indeed, our Team can build a bar to your taste and attitude. It might be as simple as beer and wine or as special as signature mixology cocktails: the decision will be ultimately up to you, and the result will be fabulous.

To make your wedding reception more original, our Team can also organise a dedicated space where to end the day – a fancy rum and cigars corner. Set up with a unique Cuban taste, your rum and cigars corner will undoubtedly catch your guests’ eyes.

By giving a farewell to your guests with cigars of various origins and rums of excellent quality, all accompanied by fine dark chocolate and variegated pralines, your rum and cigars corner could be either a nice addition or replacement to your open bar.

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