15th-century residence near Florence

True Italian hunting estate on the rolling hills of Florence.

Located on the rolling hills surrounding Florence and characterized by a freshly cut front lawn bordered by cypress-trees and a charming chapel in honor to “Madonna della Neve”, this villa is a fabulous and historic private residence inspired by the ancient castle Cattani di Cercina and mentioned in the Historiae Fiorentine by Benedetto Varchi.

Crossing its entrance, there is a sumptuous and wide hall from which there is the possibility to have a 360° view of all the available spaces of this villa, such as the garden, that can accommodate 200 people, or the majestic central hall and its balcony.

In a horseshoe arrangement surrounding the hall - which can host up to 150 people -, there are parlors, libraries and ballrooms.

The hanging gardens and the ancient basements are two other features of this villa: the first ones have an enchanting view on a pristine landscape; the second ones were built before the 5th century!


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