Wedding attire for Brides and Groom

What you will wear on your Big Day will depend on when and where you are having your event, as well as on what your wedding’s style and wishes will be.

For example, an evening event in an Italian palazzo with a multi-course dinner calls for full dress or white tie for the groom and a silk or satin gown with veil for the bride. Instead, a smart suit for him and white sundress for her are perfect for a midday boho wedding in a masseria. In between, there are countless variations.

To be honest, we at Giada Marcuzzi Weddings do not usually follow brides and grooms in the choice of wedding attire, as we do believe that such a personal choice has to be shared and made with the people you have known since, well, forever.

However, we are always ready to help: from deciphering your event formality and style to finding bridal boutiques and groom tailors all over Italy, we will be by your side to give you a hand when needed.


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