About Us


Based on your ideas, we will meticulously plan every event detail from concept design to venue selection to day of event production and coordination.


Who We Are

We are Giada Marcuzzi Weddings, an
all-women wedding planners' dream-team based in Italy.

What We Do 

We channel our diverse skills and talents into bringing bespoke wedding ideas to life. We do it with passioncreativity and an immaculate attention to detail.

Our Mission

As your Wedding Planners in Italy, we work with you to ensure a perfectly planned and beautifully executed experience for you and your guests.
We do it by adding our signature touch, where our love of telling stories - your story - meets our trendy and elegant Made in Italy taste.

What Your Wedding Planners In Italy Want You To Know

As you invest on our talent and passion, we want you to feel like you really have someone who knows you and tells your story in the most authentic way you could imagine.

We do not do copy+paste weddings; we do not give you a half-baked cake, or a few hours commitment: we always go the extra mile to make your wedding in Italy something special and tailored on your wishes and needs.

As your Wedding Planners in Italy, we stand by your side each step of the way, from the moment you hire us to the one we say goodbye and you are truly happy and satisfied with the bespoke and magical experience we planned for you and your guests.

Planning A Wedding In Italy? Never Been Easier! 

From Apulia to Lake Como, from Venice to Tuscany, and from Friuli Venezia Giulia to the Amalfi Coast, we plan your bespoke wedding in Italy according to the level of support you require, and we always take into consideration your budgetguest-list, and wishes.

With our meticulous attention to detail and efficient organisation, we offer complete transparency and constant availability, and we relieve you from the stress of all things logistics.

… And The Reason Is You.

In the end, we do not just work for you, but with you, because "YOU is the most important part of planning a unique wedding in our beautiful country.

We have built a reputation for planning outstanding weddings in Italy, and we are always looking for a new and fabulous story to tell. Is yours our next one?

Our team

We have 8 years of solid collaboration, a ton of air and car miles, and hundreds locations we scouted and designed for people just like you, and we would not change it for the world!

We also work with the best suppliers and co-workers, who are the only ones who meet our first-class service and delivery standards.


Let's start

Planning your Dream Wedding

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