The 10 Fundamentals
of Your Wedding in Italy

Our destination weddings always include:

1. An on-site English-speaking Team of Wedding Planners who will be present before, during and after your Big Day to make sure your dream of a perfect destination wedding in Italy comes true;

2. A bespoke mood board to harmonize the best palette according to your chosen theme and design;

3. An array of high-level services that will adapt to your wishes and needs;

4. A selection of hand-picked venues based on budget, style, guest-list size and special services (overnight accommodation, SPA & wellness etc);

5. A complete tour of all your favourite venues and locations to choose the ones that fit you best;

6. A step-by-step rehearsal to review all things logistics few days before the wedding;

7. A clear contract for both parts;

8. A concrete to-do-list to coordinate all services with budget, payments and arrangements with vendors and suppliers – and you can also book your own while we take over all the residual planning;

9. A detailed description of all the expenses within your budget;

10. An event timeline for the organization of the event.



Logistics means all the practical arrangements, the location management and the movements of people (workers, suppliers and guests) on time to make your wedding in Italy a breeze.


Making a wedding mood board is one of the most helpful activities in the wedding planning process. But hey, it is not that easy if you do it all by yourself. That is why we are here for you!


 Planning an event involves layers upon layers of details and steps. From the pre-planning stage to the day-of-event logistics, there is a lot to keep track of and to worry about.


Our destination weddings always include an on-site English-speaking Team of Wedding Planners who will be present before, during and after your Big Day to make sure your dream of a perfect destination wedding in Italy comes true.

Multilingual Symbolic
and Civil Ceremonies

You want for you and your guests to be able to understand your ceremony and wish to customize it to add a few unique parts that represent your couple?

Wedding Stationery &

Because you deserve Pinterest- and gag-worthy RSVPs, wedding programs, reception cards, and thank you notes.

Flowers & Decorations

Because you deserve stunning arrangements and unique  touches by top selected  designers.

Wedding Cake & Catering

Because you deserve a delicious   and healthy Italian  experience for you and your guests

Pics & Video

Because your story deserves to be told by the best photographers and video-makers Italy has to offer.

Bridal & Groom beauty

Because you deserve to be the queen/king of the day and nothing less.

Wedding Dress & Accessories

What you will wear on your Big Day will depend on when and where you are having your event, as well as on what your wedding’s style and wishes will be.

Bride Accessories

You have found your dress, a beautiful location and the love of your Life, but one thing you do not want to forget? The accessories! That is how we elevate your looks above and beyond at Giada Marcuzzi Weddings.

Music & Entertainment

Because you deserve the best artists to gloriously celebrate your love and party all-night-long

Transport & Accommodation

Because you deserve a royal arrival, stay and exit and we can give it to you in a heartbeat.

Favours & Gifs

Because your guests deserve a token to remind them they are special, and this is the reason why you wanted them to be with you during your destination wedding in Italy.

Personalised Wedsite

Because you deserve to share details, location and pictures, as well as a snappy registry and RSVPs without having a headache.

Master of Ceremonies

Wedding receptions often have a Master of Ceremonies (MC), a key person for tying everything together so that your Big Day runs smoothly.

Baby Animation

Many couples planning weddings with little guests on the list panic that the children will be bored, drive their parents insane, or worse, run riot. Thus, entertaining children during your wedding is kind of essential for our Team.



In the excitement of your wedding planning, adding the fun of a photobooth should be the next thing on your list! Indeed, nothing breaks the ice at a wedding reception like taking silly and lovely pictures with your dearest ones.

Open Bar

Open bars have become a staple at wedding receptions, but they can often be stressful and expensive, especially if you do not know much about the protocol and cost of serving liquor to a large group.



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